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Last Updated July 25, 2015

Hooded Observing Vests

Our Signature Product!

Original and  “Lightweight” versions!

Observing Hoods!

Observing Hoods
Solar Observing Vests
Solar Observing Vests
Also available in our “Lightweight” version!

Green River Consv Area Dixon, IL

McDonald Observatory Ft. Davis, TX

Nebraska Star Party Valentine, NE

Are you a deep sky fan? Love faint fuzzies? Is it time you took your observing skills to the next level? Then come and check out our latest endeavor!

Deep Sky Forum is the only forum dedicated to visual deep sky observing.  Register for free and join the discussions at www.deepskyforum.com

Observing Hoods

3000+ domestic and international astronomers can’t be wrong. Our Hooded Observing Vest is the single most effective tool at blocking out stray and ambient light!

Get the most out of your telescope. Order your vest today! You won’t regret it.

5 years and three thousand customers in nearly 30 countries. That is what we’ve accomplished in our short time introducing and supplying the visual astronomer with one of the most effective observing tools available against light pollution. We are very proud of this accomplishment and will cherish all the positive feedback we have received and great lifelong friends we have made over the years. With that said, it is with heavy heart that we make this announcement; once we deplete our current inventory, we will be suspending DSA for an unforeseeable amount of time. Between a growing family (2 boys ages 1 & 3), our regular day jobs and rising manufacturing costs, we felt it was necessary to take a hiatus and reevaluate things at a later date.  As a note: this will not effect DeepSkyForum. DSF will continue operations as normal.

As of today, July 25th, we have limited stock of all of our vests, including gray and pink. (Neither of which are available on the website. If you would like either, please contact us) We have already sold out of black and gray observing hoods. All that remain in our observing hoods is white.

We also have astronomical printed Camp Shirts in Large and XL available. Anyone that has been to our NEAF booth or any starparty we’ve attended, will know these beautiful custom shirts. For more info, images or pricing, feel free to write.

So, thanks for everything!! We hope you have enjoyed our products as much as we’ve enjoyed making them!! We will see you all again soon!

-Dragan & Anja